Optimus Fraud Management

Mitigating fraud and improving revenues - A comprehensive solution for 360 degree fraud monitoring of your business

Operators around the globe lose billions of dollars each year to the ever-growing threat of fraud. It is a costly business with far reaching effects, threatening both profitability and shareholder value, as well as denting consumer confidence and ultimately damaging corporate image.

Fraudsters have become more sophisticated and organised than ever before and are continually changing their tactics to avoid detection. In such a fast moving and constantly evolving environment, sophisticated products are required to address the problem.

Optimus Fraud Management

Optimus Fraud Management provides comprehensive protection against a myriad of fraud types. It utilises a variety of methods, including sophisticated neural network technology, to empower operators to protect themselves and their profits against the ever-present threat of fraud.

Optimus Fraud Management enables operators to assess all prospective customers at the onset and identify likely fraudsters before services/handsets are provided. It also enables them to profile and monitor the day-to-day activities of every customer, along with (non-customer) network activity and effectively highlight suspect or anomalous behaviour that could be indicative of fraud. Optimus Fraud Management can also monitor employee activity to identify incidents of internal fraud.

These issues, and others, can be addressed with the backing of a reliable detection tool such as Optimus Fraud Management powered by the flexible and highly scalable Optimus Platform.

One-stop Platform

Stopping fraud at point of application

Optimus Fraud Management applies predictive analytical models at application stage to enable operators to make a decision on whether new customers are likely to pose a fraud risk. The models are tailored to each operator’s business practices, giving them greater accuracy in detecting potential fraud.

Further techniques provide an in-depth analysis of the applicant’s information to highlight identity theft, such as link analysis, identity matching etc.

Fraud Foundation Pack for Telecommunication Operators

An extensive framework with pre-configured packages for detection of critical frauds faced by telecommunications operators. Each of fraud type is covered by a collection of rules with configurable thresholds, enabling the flexibility for adjustments in accordance to the localised fraud landscape. Preconfigured packages are provided that drastically reduce time-to-market and gives the operator immediate and strong against fraud.

Fraud Foundation

Link Analysis

Built-in Link Analysis Module

Link analysis is crucial for preventing subscription fraud and bad debt. The Optimus Platform cross-references & matches individual fields of subscriber data with current/historical subscriber data stored on the database to generate scores and find any similarities between subscribers. An output is produced to show the matched accounts and how they are linked.

Data Mining

Optimus comes with a radically new business intelligence and data mining application. It enables users to carry out in-depth analysis and perform ad hoc queries on their customer and transactional data. The in-built data mining functionality provides users with full access to data within the Optimus Platform, as well as to relevant information contained within external databases and data feeds. Information is presented in single windows for quick access. Easy to use drop down lists, using logical expressions and set operations provides users with an easy way to enter search criteria to retrieve the required information.

Query Builder

Insight Case Manager

Integrated Case Management - Insight

As well as providing data mining functionality, Insight offers a powerful case management environment that guides the process of case analysis, investigation and subsequent actions. Suspected cases can be prioritised according to their risk score (or other user-defined criteria, such as estimated monetary loss or rate of loss). Information can be routed between departments and requests can be made to external systems to perform actions against the customer being investigated. 

Features and benefits

  • Rapid return on investment – Many customers have achieved return on investment within a few weeks of implementing Optimus Fraud management
  • Advanced detection techniques – Many fraud products rely purely on traditional rules and threshold based techniques to identify fraud. Optimus Fraud Management does far more than this by utilising rules and thresholds in conjunction with neural behavioural and neural predictive analytics. This makes a huge difference in fraud detection rates and false positives ratios.
  • Multiple data feeds – Most fraud products monitor usage only, however, there are many other sources of digitised data within a business that can be profiled to predict fraud. Optimus Platform allows organisations to profile an unlimited amount of digitised data feeds from anywhere within a business to provide highly relevant and accurate fraud detection.
  • Digitised Data Integration – All data formats, data flows, business logic, feature capabilities, interfaces and protocols are 100% configurable and can quickly be added as new sources of digitised data to the fraud detection logic.

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