Optimus Revenue Assurance

Detecting revenue leakage in real-time - End to end revenue and business assurance monitoring

Optimus Revenue Assurance supports RA departments in their remit to ensure that all revenue generated by customers and partner organisations is correctly billed or accounted for and that all processes designed to support the revenue assurance function are working as efficiently as possible.

Optimus Revenue Assurance ensures that all revenue assurance challenges are resolved through configuration, therefore empowering users of the technology to handle new problems as they arise, without the requirement for code changes or vendor intervention.  

Optimus Revenue Assurance

In a marketplace as competitive as today’s where margins are constantly under pressure, every enterprise needs to ensure that every end user service offered is fully assured. It is crucial to have full visibility of financial exposure and revenue leakage within your business in order to maintain profitability.

 These issues, and others, can be addressed with the backing of a reliable assurance tool such as Optimus Revenue Assurance powered by the flexible and highly scalable Optimus Platform.

Data Quality

Assuring Data Quality

Data Quality is the collective term for processes that ensure the quality and integrity of data. The Optimus Revenue Assurance's Data Quality processes can identify missing data, identify duplicate data, identify bad data and handle the resubmission and adjustment of data records.

Data Aggregation and Exploration

Optimus Revenue Assurance and its data aggregation feature provides a method of storing data in order to perform sophisticated analysis, such as trends and usage reconciliations on the data, and quickly view the results of the analysis. This dramatically improves the performance of RA processes, the investigation and the exploration of the results.

Together with the in-built data explorer, your analyst will be able to data mine and perform detailed investigations from the data stored in the multi-dimensional tables.

Data Aggregation

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Optimus Revenue Assurance's Trend Analysis supports hourly, daily, and monthly data selection. Analysis can be taken from one element over two consecutive or non-consecutive time periods. An alarm is raised when the difference in measurements are more than a configurable threshold.

Summary and Detailed Usage Reconciliations

Optimus Revenue Assurance uses the Summary Usage Reconciliation (SUR) feature to compare a measure in a data source against the same measure in a different data source. Detection of a significant difference between the two sources is considered of interest and will generate an alarm.

For a more in-depth analysis, the Detailed Usage Reconciliation (DUR) feature compares two summary usage data sources between a given time period and matching all the data records between the two sources. Difference in both sources can be identified in a granular manner.

Detailed Usage Reconciliation

Profile and Services Reconciliation

The Profile and Service Reconciliation (PSR) is a feature that enables the detecting of a profile that could be missing from one or more sources and the potential inconsistency between such sources (e.g. the subscriber is provisioned for data service, but the subscriber has not been provisioned in the billing system). 

Features and benefits

Optimus Revenue Assurance can help you to identify any process, technology, management information or organisational loopholes so that you can:

  • Identify and re-capture ‘lost’ revenues and put in place pre-emptive measures to prevent future leakage
  • Provide ‘proof positive’ information to your board, executive management and business partners that shows your organisation’s revenue streams are now watertight
  • Identify and realise ‘quick wins’ to increase revenue and achieve short term cost reduction
  • Maximise return on technology and investments.

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