Optimus Dunning

A versatile platform that facilitates your accounts receivable processes, increasing working cash flow and increasing financial visibility

Enterprises providing any end user services are constantly subjected to the risk of non-payment or the late payment of service charges. In the worst cases such charges could turn to bad debt, and those charges must be written off as lost revenues. The recovery process of such outstanding charges is essential, but often difficult.

Whilst outstanding payments need to be managed before they turn to bad debt, the enterprise must also ensure that they don’t alienate valuable customers by blanket application of a rigid dunning process across the whole customer base. In many instances, it could be that some of these late paying customers may only need a little bit more time to settle their outstanding charges.

Optimus Dunning is the reliable process support tool that can address these issues, and others, powered by the flexible and highly scalable Optimus Platform.

Optimus Dunning

Optimus Dunning is the complete dunning product with all the crucial functions needed to aid an enterprise in successfully managing their dunning processes. Optimus is automated, enabling an enterprise’s personnel to focus their efforts on exceptional cases that require manual intervention. Optimus Dunning not only enables the enterprise to increase its collections rate effectively, it also mitigates the risk of alienating high-valued customers.


Dunning Workflow Features

  • Multiple dunning profiles can be configured for specific customer segments
  • Special exclusion lists (multiple profiles)
  • Special exclusion dates (multiple profiles)
  • Flexible and intuitive dunning process/workflow configurations
  • Formulation of special conditions - e.g. Outstanding amount threshold

Dunning Workflow Suspension

  • Supports multiple suspension profiles for different scenarios
  • Customer initiated (Promise-to-Pay)
  • Other special cases – suspected Fraud, etc.
  • Configurable suspension days
  • Flexible suspension workflow configurations
  • Automated reinstatement after suspension period ends
  • Special reinstatement procedures exclusion (skip)
  • Removal of customer Account/Invoice



Configurable Actions

Various actions can be added for each step of the dunning process which therefore needs to be completely configurable. Examples of actions that can be added into the process are:

  • SMS and/or e-mail
  • Barring and/or Suspension
  • Triggering a call
  • Account deactivation

Optimus Dunning supports configuration of all the various interfaces needed to connect to external systems and execute the defined actions. The Optimus Platform provides this flexibility.

Dashboards and Analytics

Optimus Dunning provides fully configurable views of the consolidated Dunning operations such as

  • Performance measurements against Dunning profiles, procedures and payments
  • Trends of Dunning invoices
  • Outstanding amounts and payments
  • Customized views


Other salient features

Other Optimus® Dunning Salient Features

  • Automated invoice retrieval
  • Supports multiple invoices
    • Aggregated outstanding amount
  • Reversal actions
    • Re-instates the customer to the dunning process after a bounced cheque
  • Approval management process
  • API calls into Optimus Dunning from external nodes (CRM, billing system, etc.)
  • Multiple bill cycles
  • Web based GUI
  • User administration and management dashboards
  • Audit trails


  • Highly configurable Dunning Workflow – includes capability to suspend workflows for specific subscriber groups to support various business needs
  • Execute configurable actions throughout the Dunning process
  • Configurable interconnections into other systems enabling easy integration and fast time to market.

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