Optimus Rating

Real-time rating and charging - Flexible and endless rating and charging possibilities

When dealing with market drivers for enterprises, what is the current business environment? Firstly, the device evolution will continue to grow and advance. Secondly, enterprises are striving to reduce OPEX, manage the huge volumes created by the digitised data explosion, create new innovative business models and address their customers’ needs including the mobile app economy and creating a “real-time everything” environment. These are all key drivers as part of any enterprise’s digital transformation strategy.

The most common internal business challenge that enterprises face concerns the improvement of business systems and process agility through the adoption of digital transformation whilst trying to reduce operating costs at the same time. Additionally, when enterprises undergo digital transformation, improving their customer experience is crucial. In addition, enterprises, must ensure that it has the increased flexibility, control and the ability to change dynamically its end user services and its individual pricing plans.

The number, type and complexity of new end user services will continue to increase each year, creating unprecedented volumes of digitised data. This will create challenges for charging and billing processes, which in turn will require fresh thinking around revenue management and the digital integration of digitised data.

 By making these end user services simple for consumers to access, consume and pay for, enterprises can leverage the potential for new revenue streams. An easier, faster and more intuitive the customer experience ensures a positive upturn in loyalty and ARPU. 


Optimus Rating

Optimus Rating enables enterprises to deploy any rating and charging mechanism, online or offline, to any end user service, to any pricing policy or to any set of business rules functions and is capable of processing tens of thousands of transactions per second.

Today’s enterprises are creating, launching, supporting and then ending far more end user services than ever before and this will only continue to grow. It is crucial that additions and changes in price plans, bundles, and promotions are executed quickly and cost effectively. This is a challenge that Optimus Rating manages more efficiently and is more cost effective than any other product on the market.




Features and benefits

  • Supports legacy and next generation environments
  • Supports any type of device on any type of network
  • Supports any type of service (voice, data, content and multimedia)
  • Supports any payment method (post-paid, pre-paid and pay-now)
  • 100% configurable Business Logic for all rating, charging and convergent mediation in a single platform solution
  • Business rules can be configured to meet any it systems needs
  • Business logic completely separated from the execution environment so extremely easy to configure/add/change/upgrade
  • Extends near real-time rating to your complete service catalogue
  • Robust authentication and authorisation solution
  • Industry standards security compliance with advanced capabilities
  • Full auditing functionality
  • Highly productised with same version of execution environment for all customers

Performance capabilities

  • Manage tens of thousands of digitised data records per second
  • Support additional exponential growth from new services and opportunities
  • High availability and low latency

Configuration capabilities

  • 100% configurable business logic – no platform coding/adaptations required
  • Engineered to enable enterprises to self-manage their platform if required
  • Interactive configuration environment for high speed creation and testing of new services
  • Simple modification of rating rules with minimal disruption and cost
  • Charge by content, value, time, volume and quality parameters

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