Optimus Mediation

Next Generation Convergent Mediation - Solution to the ‘Integration of Things’ in the era of ‘Internet of Things’

The changing and dynamic enterprise environment has everyone trying to keep pace and undergo digital transformation. When it comes to core processes as part of their digital transformation, they need to do them faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost than today; all of this must be done without any increase in risk. In fact most executives within an enterprise would hope that advancements in technology will actually mitigate the risks.

Improving the Mediation process is often overlooked or deemed a lower priority. Therefore enterprises refrain from investing into the ability to efficiently process their digitised data resulting possible with limited flexibility to quickly adapt to change in digitised data handling, ultimately result in expenditure levels beyond what is necessary.

Optimus Mediation

Why is Optimus Mediation the most advanced digital integration product on the market? The differentiating factor is that Optimus Mediation is powered by the Optimus Platform.

Optimus Platform is a generic Digital Integration platform that is capable of running any digitised data processing scenario - this inherent capability and flexibility makes it perfect for digital integration. For enterprises the need to process digitised data is far more comprehensive than just Mediation and the Optimus Platform enables the enterprise to manage the end to end lifecycle through all of their data domains.

Processing, charging, applying policy rules, testing/assuring, analysing, storing, querying, retrieving and manipulating for digital integration is all dealt with by one single platform. One thing we can say with complete certainty is that the needs of the enterprises today will be different in the coming years and our Platform is positioned to change and evolve constantly to ensure enterprises continue to get high quality service. 


Technical Differentiation

Enterprises around the world share common needs but each is unique at a local level. They are bespoke in regards to: what they need to process, how they need to process it and how it needs to be integrated into their IT and network environments (including legacy and internal developments).

The Optimus Platform is an industry standards based, open architecture single digital integration stack that is capable of supporting all of the enterprise’s Online Real-Time and Offline Batch processing mediation requirements from any data storage infrastructure.

The Optimus Platform’s capabilities and benefits for the enterprise are best summarised as: Any format, any volume, any data flow, any business logic, any interface and any feature; all without the need of any software programming/coding or software adaptors/plug-ins. 

How can such high flexibility be achieved?

When designing the Optimus Platform, Neural Technologies’ engineers made three fundamentally important decisions:

  • The first was that: After noticing there was nothing similar on the market, Neural Technologies created their own operating language with the level of capability and optimisation to manage digitised data to a higher performance than ever before. This would enable enterprises to process digitised data faster and more efficiently with less hardware and less dependency on external data storages than other systems.
  • Secondly: The execution environment would be totally separated from customer business logic. This ensures that it is extremely easy to configure/add/change/upgrade and fully productised with the same version of the execution environment for all customers.  
  • Finally: That everything would be achieved through configuration. This would reduce the time, cost and risks associated with alternative object coded based systems.


Features and benefits

There are many different features that the enterprise will require in their mediation process including complex capabilities such as Aggregation, Assembly, Duplicate Check and Enrichment. Rather than provide an endless list of our capabilities, enterprises can take comfort in the knowledge that everything you would expect in the most advanced industry platform is available, and any form of high customisation can be achieved through pure configuration only.

Other key technical capabilities include:

  • Next Generation processing capability with minimum 30% improvement compared to competitors
    • Collect, Process and Deliver compared to competitors format of Collect, Decode, Process, Encode, Deliver
    • No internal system conversion required, all records processed from native data format
  • All data formats, data flows, business logic, feature capabilities, interfaces and protocols are 100% configurable
  • Interactive configuration application enables easy, fast, intuitive & reliable management of all customer requirements
  • Supports all popular OS and hardware platforms
  • Hot standby and load balanced for zero downtime
  • Supports TAP3 and NRTRDE standards for Mobile Operator Roaming processing
  • Integrates with all third party applications and databases through open interfaces and data exchange standards
  • Real-Time operation supports Diameter / DCCA / Gy / Ro / Rf / Sy

Operation Supremacy

  • The only specialist all-in-one configuration, debug and simulations platform for managing digitised data
  • Our partners, our customers and our customer’s partners are enabled to carry out all changes to the data formats, data flows, business logic, interfaces and features through our interactive configuration capabilities. Where competitors state they are highly or extensively configurable, we can state that Optimus Platform is 100% configurable.
  • Automatic reconfiguration of the Server when capabilities and processes are changed or added
  • The complexity of the Mediation process is fully managed by the Server so you have little need to understand the implications or consequences of the changes that you have made to your configurations.
  • The Optimus Platform supports complete simulation and step-by- step debugging prior to launching new business logic or processing streams                          

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