Product Catalogue Solution

Enabling enterprises to have full control over the products and services offerings towards their customers

As part of the digital transformation strategy, enterprises need to have the capability to accurately target individual or specific groups of customers in products and services offerings. With different end user service packages made available, both customers and enterprises’ marketing could easily lose track of the set of eligible product and service offerings. This challenge increases tremendously when customers are presented with the flexibility of pick and choose combinations of products and services, and with time specific limitations. In addition, enterprises with also need to manage the increasing challenge of having too many interconnected service delivery platforms.

Enterprises without the agility to define and present such business rules for each segmentation of customers, will likely create confusion and frustration towards their customers and over time this will become much less manageable, resulting in the higher possibility of churn not to mention the resulting loss of revenue.

Optimus Product Catalogue

Optimus Product Catalogue is a solution that empower operators to have full control over the products and services offerings towards their customer. Optimus Product Catalogue supports customers and products/services profiling as well as a centralised matrix of products and services with conditions of eligibility to different groups of customers who can have different combinations of subscriptions.

This results in an enhanced customer experience by knowing and presenting precise products and services offered to the respective eligible customers and in turn will ensure higher completion rate of products and services purchases resulting in a high ARPU. In addition the Optimus Product Catalogue will provide the enterprise with a holistic view as well as central point of management of bundles and cross purchase offerings though one integrated solution.


Business Rules Engine

The business rules engine in where all the business rules are defined and configured by the enterprise. Rules can be configured to support any business logic based upon any business requirements.

Examples are:

  • Only offer Premium products/services to a certain segmentation of the customer base e.g. Platinum
  • Only offer products/services that the customer has available credit for in his prepaid account balance
  • And many more…

Dynamic Menu Creation Engine

The dynamic menu creation engine is where the menu structure is defined as per the business requirement. Such menus can be customized to support various segmentation of the customers as defined in the business rules engine. When a touch point engages Optimus Product Catalogue the relevant dynamically created menu will then be presented back to the customer with relevant products/services based upon his individual profile and business rules defined by the enterprise.

Business Dashboard, Monitoring and Audit Trail Logging

Optimus Product Catalogue come with various built in dashboard, monitoring and audit trail functionally and can be customized and configured to meet the enterprise needs.

Product List

The Product list holds the total list of current products/services on offer. This enables the enterprise to have one consolidated place in where all products/services will be defined and stored to ensure that only current/available products/services are presented and in turn able to be purchased by customer.

Touch Point, Customer Profile and Backend System Integration Adaptors

Optimus Product Catalogue is powered by the Optimus Platform which gives is a high flexibility in digital integration into various external system and digitised data sources. Such digital integration covers both the integration into end user touch points such as web and mobile, customer profiles to be able to retrieve and update customer repositories and various other backend system needed to either retrieve additional digitised data point needed as part of the business logic or for charging and provisioning requirements as a product/service have been procured by the customer.


Solution Benefits

  • Customer product/service offerings based on customer profiles compiled from multiple data sources including the latest product list all controlled by the configurable business rules that can be fully customised by the enterprise
  • Built in reporting, monitoring and audit Logging which can be customised to meet the need of the business
  • Flexible and configurable protocol adapters for integration into both north-bound systems and south-bound digitised data sources

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