Order Orchestration Solution

Empowering enterprises to manage the orchestrations of all order requests from customers and interconnected systems

Enterprises’ IT networks are a complex inter-connected web of systems, which will become even more complex as additional end user services are offered to customers each year. To cope with this level of network interaction, enterprises’ IT departments need a large workforce to manage both internal and external demands.

The challenges will include rolling out changes or adding those additional end user service offers, while new products and updates require IT departments to make system changes or adapt to any newly introduced systems. Operationally this is challenging, especially when there are many different systems interconnecting with legacy infrastructures inefficiently i.e. many different silos trying to talk to each other. These difficulties will inevitably deliver a much higher cost of IT operations and possible delays in end user service offerings. 

Complex Network

Optimus Order Orchestration

Optimus Order Orchestration solution help enterprises to manage the orchestrations of all order requests from customers and interconnected systems such as subscriptions/purchases of new end user services, charging requests, top-up/reload, provisioning’s to the end user service delivery systems, etc. Each request can be received through many different touchpoints/channels such as mobile apps purchases, subscription such SMS short code etc.


Powered by the Optimus Platform, the Optimus Order Orchestration solution hosts a myriad of critical business logic that defines the sequences of how an order request should be handled by identifying types of request, type of subscriber, what systems to interact with, charging and/or triggering of provisioning calls etc. This ensures that all the relevant systems are aware of an order/request and all are updated, charged and provisioned correctly, giving customers’ seamless experience and the enterprise, full order data consistency. APIs are defined and exposed to any system allowing them to ride on the defined workflow rather than duplicating a similar set of business logic workflow, thus reducing the complexity and time-to-market drastically.

Simplified Network

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Key components that powers the Optimus Order Orchestration

Optimus Platform

  • Optimus Platform which is where the business logic for the order orchestration solution is configured and hosted
  • Optimus Platform UI is used to define and maintain such Optimus Order Orchestration business logic
  • Optimus Platform’s Flexible connectivity adaptors supports the integration of all external network elements 

Service Management Platform (SMP)

  • A purpose-built Element Management System for managing telecommunication systems, which provide a complete system monitoring tool for managing mission critical network elements


Solution Benefits

  • Optimus Order Orchestration consolidates the entire service orders business logic to ensure consistency of the process and subsequent workflow
  • Web services APIs for different functional requests ensuring faster time to market
  • Supports any number of external touchpoints, northbound and southbound integrations
  • Highly configurable and programmable business logic through Optimus Platform to cater for countless workflow possibilities
  • Optimus Order Orchestration comes with extensible set of reporting, monitoring and audit logging tools.

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