Self-Help Solution

Supports enterprises to collate, manage and deliver Self-Help channels to their customers

Living in the connected world as we do today customers are accustomed to perform many daily tasks through their phones and trusted devices. Enterprises have information pertaining to each of their customers to act on when a customer interacts  through various Self-Help channels. Yet, because information is stored in different places across the network, enterprises find it difficult to deliver good customer experience. For example, an iPhone subscriber will have their information (e.g. type of the subscribed plan) stored in various IT systems and it is essential the operator accesses this information to present the correct end user services relevant to this iPhone subscriber – it would be a failure to present a menu that offers a Blackberry plan. With many legacy systems and with digitised data spread across various IT systems, problems like this would continue to arise.

It is essential to offer customers the ability to manage their service subscriptions such as data plans though self-help channels. Aspects such as: view the data usages for the month, alert when a defined data usage limit is approaching and offer possible add-on data packages. These are a few examples of critical self-help processes that are required to ensure customer satisfaction and a subsequent increase in revenues. Gartner reported that by 2020, customer will be managing up to 85% of their relationship with an enterprise through Self-Help channels.

Optimus Self-Help

Optimus Self-Help supports enterprises to collate, manage and deliver Self-Help channels to their customers. With the flexibility and configurability of the Optimus Platform, features and functionalities of different end user services as well as the delivery platforms can be consolidated into one seamless process, allowing for a harmonised Self Help customer experience.

The integration of a mobile service providers’ real time data accounting platforms such as Policy Charging/Control Enforcement (PCEF/RF) to provide a rich self-help interface to mobile data subscribers, thus expanding beyond many of the legacy PCEF/RF platforms installed in operator networks today.

Self-Help Screens 

Solution Benefits

  • Collating and offer Self-Help channels through various touchpoints including Mobile Web and Mobile Apps
  • Flexible and configurable interface adapters enabling seamless integration into backend service delivery platforms
  • Native to work in tandem with Optimus Product Catalogue to present the latest product list of eligible products and services offering available though the Self-Help channels.
  • Built in reporting, monitoring and audit Logging which can be customised to meet the business requirements

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