Configuration Services

Allowing flexibility and responsiveness

One of the key benefits of Neural Technologies' solutions is the unique and configurable architecture, which allows organisations to set up and configure their own rules and data stream independently.

However, Neural Technologies recognises that carrying out this process in-house may not always be possible or desirable, perhaps due to resouce constraints or personnel movement. Therefore, the company offers a range of post deployment risk management software configuration services which can be based upon agreed key performance measures, for example:

  • Fraud 'false positive' rates
  • Enhanced credit acceptance rates
  • Detection cycle limit
  • Seat efficiency (number of cases worked per user)
  • Volume of cases produced

Neural Technologies' risk management software configuration service is tiered to match the needs of the client to a suitable level of dedicated Neural Technologies' resource, providing rapid analysis and response to changing user requirements and an ongoing assurance of system effectiveness.

Configuration Services

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