Neural Technologies Acquires Enterest

Company merger creates most effective Risk and Business Assurance Platform on the market Risk management and analytics expert Neural Technologies has acquired the platform software company Enterest, based in Hamburg, Germany. The addition of Enterest’s EDR Workbench platform to Neural’s Minotaur suite will make it the most effective Risk and Business Assurance platform on the market, thanks to increased Big Data capabilities.

Date: 1st November 2015
Categories: Technology

Founded in 2003, Enterest GmbH is a platform software company that works with some of the largest companies around the world, including NTT and Softbank. Neural’s acquisition will mean that its Optimus foundation platform is now able to process real-time data, dealing with hundreds of billions of events per day and enhancing the capabilities of its Risk and Business assurance, and many other complementary OSS/BSS applications.

Kai Sui, CEO of Neural Technologies, commenting on today’s announcement, said: “This is a bold and strategic move for Neural Technologies and we are very pleased to bring Enterest, its customers, partners and team into the NT family. Enterest has a high-quality and qualified team, which produces excellent software, has a great work ethic and will be a tremendous addition to Neural’s existing experts.”

He continued: “Incorporating Enterest into the Neural brand will provide additional support to our mediation team, benefitting new and existing customers alike. It will also allow us to invest further in the EDR Workbench platform, which already powers our Optimus solution, allowing both Neural and Enterest customers seamless access to a range of applications and processing high volume data in real time.”

Andrew Tan, newly appointed CIO of Neural Technologies and former CEO of Enterest, commented: “There is a great deal of consolidation happening in the industry, so this was a natural step for both Enterest and Neural. The technology that Neural has taken on board here will be a core part of the future technology stack provided to both Neural and Enterest customers and will take our combined capabilities to the next level. Having worked closely together over the past few years, Neural knows Enterest’s capabilities and we are pleased to be bringing these ‘best of breed’ technologies together to support all of our customers with their Big Data and Risk Management needs, through the same teams they have grown to know and trust.” 

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