Neural Technologies to deploy its state of the art Predictive Analytics and Risk Management Platform

Neural Technologies’ platform utilises advanced detection techniques ranging from Neural Analytics, Link Analysis, Rules and Intelligent Alarm Analysis etc. to derive anomalies across multiple networks involving real-time data streams and is capable of detecting emerging characteristics on account/transaction activity as they occur.

Date: 1st September 2015
Categories: Technology

The technology has been particularly well-received in the banking industry. PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) Indonesia has already selected Neural Technologies to provide Predictive Analytics and Risk Management capabilities to its latest business invention, BTPN Wow!

BTPN Wow! is a practical and affordable banking service which harnesses mobile phone technology and is supported by agents that act as an arm of BTPN. It is a product of Laku Pandai innovation; Branchless Financial Services in the Inclusive Finance Framework, an initiative of the Financial Services Authority in Indonesia. It is a banking service focused on lower-income segments of the market, as well as micro and small enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs.

Answering the mass market needs, BTPN Wow! provides a wide range of banking services, such as opening an account, withdrawing and depositing money through a bank agent at a very low cost, transferring funds, and making payments or purchases. The technology in use allows all types of GSM mobile phones (not necessarily a smartphone) to perform transactions, even with a very weak signal.

“We have reviewed similar technology solutions and chose Neural Technologies for our BTPN Wow! Innovation due to its functionality, scalability, single platform and their Risk Management expertise in the Financial and Mobile Payment space”, said Achmad Nusjirwan Sugondo, Product & Customer Experience Head, BTPN Wow!

Neil Jackson, Vice President; Consulting & Client Service, Neural Technologies commented: “The flexibility of the platform allows for similar deployment across other business verticals within BTPN thus enabling an attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)”.

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