VSC stops Revenue Leakage before it occurs with Neural Technologies' LEAD system

Hampshire, UK: Risk management and analytics expert Neural Technologies has run a successful Proof of Concept trial with Hong Kong based Virtual Switching Consultancy Limited (VSC) for its LEAD Revenue Assurance product.

Date: 1st September 2015
Categories: Technology

LEAD uses synthetic Event Data Records (EDR) to test operators’ rating, billing and operating systems. The synthetic EDRs generate all possible call patterns on the subscriber base and allow operators to detect faults or errors in their rating and billing systems, enabling them to prevent revenue loss before it occurs.

Benny Ng, VP of Sales and Marketing for VSC commented: “The LEAD system enables us to detect any potential revenues lost on our wholesale business by doing a proactive comparison of our billing records. It allow us to reduce or eliminate the effort for post-production problems generally caused by human error, such as incorrect rates or wrong rates applied to the wrong time period.”

Stephen “Kai” Sui, CEO of Neural Technologies said: “We have created a new paradigm in Revenue Assurance. Rather than ‘curing’ a problem once it has occurred, as in most Revenue Assurance products, LEAD proactively tests and monitors the system to prevent revenue leakages before they happen. This saves valuable time and money as, once lost, it can be very difficult for operators to recover revenues lost through rate or billing errors.”

VSC is at the leading edge of the revolution in the telecom market.  For the past ten years, it has developed and delivered IP-based products that transform the telecom landscape.  VSC has provided solutions and guidance to TSOs ranging from Tier-1 and Tier-2 Carriers, External Telecommunications Services (ETS) Operations. International Service Resellers (ISR) to large organisations.

Neural Technologies’ Revenue Assurance suite also includes its Minotaur RA solution, which helps to ensure that all revenue generated by customers and partner organisations is correctly billed or accounted for, and revenue assurance consultancy services.

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