Second major operator takes SHAPE

Neural Technologies is delighted to announce that it has signed a deal with a second major operator for its self-help data portal platform, SHAPE, making the interface available to over 5.5 million subscribers in 25 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Date: 1st December 2014
Categories: Technology

Neural’s SHAPE (Self-Help And Provisioning Exchange) platform protects service providers from revenue loss via bill shock cases and, at the same time, generates revenue through the active upselling and purchase channels.

SHAPE complements service providers’ real time accounting platforms (such as Policy Charging/Control Enforcement - PCEF/RF) to provide an intuitive self-help interface to data subscribers and expand the capability of the default policy and accounting platform installed in many networks.

Luke Taylor, Deputy CEO of Neural Technologies, comments: “SHAPE is a key tool in the future of operator/subscriber relationships, empowering subscribers to maximise their tariffs and providing operators with a channel to proactively market new products.”

The platform provides subscribers with a complete view of their data plans’ usage in real-time giving them the ability to configure multiple notifications when the usage reaches certain thresholds. They can also purchase or upgrade new plans instantly anytime, anywhere taking away the worry of bill shock.

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