New business Intelligence solution from analytics expert Neural Technologies

Risk management and analytics expert Neural Technologies has announced the launch of a new data solution, MiRadar, designed to enable holistic management monitoring and reporting by bringing together multiple data sources.

Date: 1st December 2014
Categories: Technology

CRM, billing, data warehouses, fraud management and revenue assurance solutions; organisations typically have numerous databases, but seeing the bigger picture is near impossible. MiRadar can help. It takes feeds from any number of sources and brings all the data together to provide users with a single view of all data, allowing holistic reporting of risk metrics and KPIs.

MiRadar can be used to create visual controls and dashboards, provide complete and up-to-date reference data for lookup and link analysis and facilitate advanced analytics that require good quality, complete data.

Cost-effective, quick to implement and easy to use, this solution will quickly become a must for management monitoring, planning and decision-making.

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