Corporate restructure: a new era begins

Corporate restructuring resulting in the creation of three individual business units in the UK, the US and Malaysia are part of Neural Technologies’ ambitious expansion plans which it hopes will lead to numerous benefits for its customers.

Date: 1st August 2013
Categories: Technology

The UK hub, based in Hampshire, will be overseen by Luke Taylor and will handle all business within European and the Middle East.

The US centre, run by Matt Dodson, is based in Kansas city and will deal with the Americas.

The third hub is based in Kuala Lumpur.

Each of the three CEO’s already hold senior management positions with the Neural Technologies Group and will run the business with almost full autonomy whilst being directly accountable to the group CEO, David Toms.

These local hubs will run with a large degree of independence which will bring with it numerous benefits.

By giving each region a certain degree of autonomy over its particular customer base, accountability is increased and customer needs are more easily understood.

Decentralisation means that the company is able to make more effective use of local resources so that costs can become more competitive.

Although the three units will be independent, each will still maintain a close working relationship with the others.  By pooling assets when necessary, each Business hub will be able to attain a better allocation of resources.

The key to Neural Technologies’ new structure is to utilise the benefits of more localised business units, whilst retaining the economies of scale available to the company as a result of its heightened stature in the global marketplace.

Luke Taylor commented ‘The changes have been implemented over the last 6 months in parallel to continual business growth including contract wins in Europe, Middle East and Asia with the new structure has already benefitting the company and the end customer’.

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