DOKU Enhances their Online Payment Fraud Protection Solution with NT

Indonesia-based leading payment solutions provider DOKU has selected Neural DOKU logoTechnologies’ market-leading Minotaur™ risk management suite to meet their fraud detection and prevention needs.

Date: 1st November 2012
Categories: Technology

With comprehensive offering in payment services and rising number of transactions, DOKU brings enhancement to its existing fraud management platform for better transactional safeguards and effective servicing for its customers. NT’s Minotaur™ solution is expected to substantially strengthen the current Fraud Management platform owned by DOKU, which are Fraud Detection System (FDS) and Early Detection Unit (EDU).

“For us, the investment in this fraud management system was essential to protect our customers. As a business with robust enviable growth and ever-increasing number of transactions, we are actively strategizing on how to manage the risk of potential fraud. We need to ensure for all our customers that these transactions all take place legitimately and fairly. NT’s Minotaur™ solution gives us the ability to analyze increasing volumes of data, and identify and take action against potential fraudulent activity faster, saving us and our customers’ time and money,” said Thong Sennelius, Chief Executive Officer at DOKU.

NT’s Managing Director John Gavan, commented: “Our skilled project teams from NT research and development centres in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, have worked with DOKU to create a platform which will provide far-reaching cost savings and operational efficiencies and we look forward to continuing this work as we achieve the ensuing results.”
Neural Technologies’ (NT’s) globally acknowledged award-winning Minotaur™ solution was selected for its scalability and innovation, enabling the system to grow in line with DOKU’s increasing transactional volumes and flexible configuration suite, which puts the customer in control, enabling fast reactions to market changes and superior budgetary control based on the ability to configure in-house; and engage with support services including effective consultancy and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

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