Kcom Takes Fraud Management to the Cloud with Neural Technologies

Kcom - a leading provider of managed communications services - has migrated from its in-situ fraud management solution to a cloud-based platform with risk management software solution provider Neural Technologies..

Date: 1st June 2012
Categories: Technology

Kcom had been using Neural Technologies’ in-situ Minotaur fraud management solution since 2007. The company took the decision to migrate to Neural Technologies’ cloud-based platform because of the tremendous savings and benefits it offers.

Benefits include monthly subscription payment plans, rapid implementation and reduced resource requirement. Kcom’s dependence on internal IT resources is now greatly reduced, with Neural Technologies taking responsibility for system maintenance and security. Being on the cloud means Kcom will also automatically receive upgrades to the latest versions of the Minotaur risk management platform, including access to Neural Technologies’ new proactive case management environment, Insight.

Jonathan Godber, FD at Kcom says: “Migrating our Minotaur environment to the ‘cloud’ has enabled Kcom to maintain all the benefits of our existing fraud system whilst removing responsibility for the provision of ongoing IT support services to the business. Furthermore, this new service has provided an effective mechanism for change management and maintenance of an up-to-date solution featuring all the latest system functionality, keeping Kcom on the cutting edge of fraud detection.”

For more information on our cloud-based Minotaur platform, please visit www.minotaurcloud.com.

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