Neural Technologies' staff achieve GRAPA revenue assurance certification

Three employees of Neural Technologies recently earned the title of Certified Practitioner of Telecommunications Revenue Assurance from GRAPA (The Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association).

Date: 1st April 2011
Categories: Technology

Luke Taylor, Adrian Harris and Hayley Daniels attended an intensive week's training course, followed by an examination to achieve the challenging and sought after qualification.

The certification enables Neural Technologies to provide valuable and practical knowledge, allowing it to expand on revenue assurance concepts and standards in order to support its clients in their revenue assurance functions.

Said Luke Taylor, "Determining from GRAPA how modern revenue assurance departments operate allows us to understand the real challenges RA managers face, and to provide solutions that align with working methods and approaches to successfully address these challenges".

Rob Mattison, GRAPA's president, commented, "The overwhelming attendance and support of our recent London Revenue Assurance Foundations Certification event demonstrates that European telcos are finding a lot of value in utilizing GRAPA's standard based approach. We appreciate and commend the participation and outstanding performance of the Neural Technologies' professionals who earned Practitioner Level Certification at this event. Throughout the certification process, these students worked diligently to internalize coursework and industry standards.

It is truly a pleasure to see students so readily engage in our training events and commit themselves to professional integrity."


GRAPA is a true traditionally defined professional association. What that means is that it exists solely to support the development of professional practices in the execution of Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Logical/Physical Security protection for telecommunications and communications companies. Since its founding in 2007, GRAPA has enrolled more than 5000 members who represent every line of business in telecommunications and communications including wireless (GSM,CDMA, WIMAX, Microwave, Satellite), wire line (POTS, Fiber, DSL), Internet (ISP, VOIP) and Broadcast.

GRAPA is working to provide true industry leadership in the development of an ongoing set of new standards, new disciplines, new techniques and new approaches to the efficient, cost effective and practical identification, quantification and minimization of risk to revenue streams and telecom assets. It does so in a way that fits within current telecommunications operational and cultural environments, while greatly improving the revenue retention and realization potential. GRAPA's mission is to provide all carriers and service providers with a viable, relevant and compelling definition of what the revenue assurance and fraud management job is, and how it can be practiced to best advantage. For more information visit:

About the RAA

The Revenue Assurance Academy (RAA) serves as the GRAPA training and certification organisation. By offering events that combine benchmark development, sharing of standard practices and approaches, and delivery of workshops (training that challenges participants to think outside the box and participate in problem solving and case study reviews) the RA Academy provides a unique and powerful venue for deployment of best practices and rapid integration of those practices into the participating telco environments. It has conducted its training programs for dozens of carriers and services providers around the world and has trained over 1000 students and provided certification to over 500 of those students.

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