Insight - The next generation in fraud & risk case management

Anyone acquainted with fraud management systems (FMS) will be familiar with the function of the case manager, an environment that facilitates the investigation of suspected fraud incidences.

Date: 1st June 2010
Categories: Technology

Depending on the FMS, the case manager offers a greater or lesser amount of functionality, however what unites each and every system is its reactive approach to fraud management.  That is, investigations are limited to cases generated as a result of an activity or network event triggering an alert.

But what if there is not an alert? An FMS can't always anticipate new emerging fraudulent techniques and usually won't expose "sleeper" accounts (i.e. fraudsters who initially act legitimately to gain confidence before committing their crime) nor will it necessarily highlight accounts with characteristics that match specific external intelligence. 

Neural Technologies has been working in partnership with Microsoft to address these issues and to break the mould of traditional case manager GUI design.  The resulting application, named Insight, incorporates a business intelligence approach that integrates proactive investigation into the case management process.

Insight provides intuitive data mining facilities, enabling users to carry out in-depth analysis and perform ad hoc queries on existing customer and network data.  It also enables them to better utilize external intelligence as well as uncover unusual patterns and trends, and then quickly create cases to continue investigation into their findings.

Raf Wane, Neural Technologies' Product Development Manager, explains, "We wanted to provide users of our technology with a whole new level of access to data, empowering them with a more proactive approach to identifying risk.  This project gave us the opportunity to rethink how users want to dynamically view information from multiple sources to best meet their business needs".

Insight uses the application-building framework Windows Presentation Foundation for combining data from different types of content.  The application provides faster and easier access to information, substantially reducing case investigation time.    

Said Luke Taylor, Neural Technologies' Commercial Director, "Insight transforms traditional case management, taking the function to a whole new level, which will no doubt form the blueprint for future case management and data analysis environments".

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