Revenue Assurance XXI Century Transformation From Traffic to Business Cycle Revision

Luke Taylor
Author: Luke Taylor CCO & Deputy CEO
Date: 26th March 2015
Categories: Technology

Keep moving to aim your goals, don’t stop, be focus and step by step you will reach them. Transformation must be seen as a way to improve what we are and what we have done, in order to achieve new objectives.

It was almost 9 years ago when I had joined to my actual Revenue Assurance team, many things had changed during all this time. Before I had worked in many other national Telco operators here in Spain as billing system administration always next of billing and rating process, so the transition to a Revenue Assurance area was soft and kindly.

First thing that call my attention when I met the rest of members our Revenue Assurance team was that every task from the area was 100% focused on traffic controls as its usually into the different Telco companies, but we realized that our company its different, we realized that what would work in other Telco may be it would be changed for our company because we are a small operator fighting with giants. That’s why we start a transition from traffic controls into business and incomes lifecycle monitorization.

As our president in his book published last Christmas said “Employees must be face to the client”, so excellence of service and efficiency on our business process was our way to benefit our clients and in an indirect way to our company.

In those days we have reached only 6% of the Spanish market and transformation in our traditionally ways of work have made reach the 12% of the market in 8 years, so transformation in all our operating and business area it was a successful idea.

Although our traffic controls continue still being executing, we started to design a battery of controls through the different information systems of the company in order to improve our business process and improve our incomes. Established controls on billing programs and quality of company process must improve our benefits and reduced our churn of clients that want to change of Telco Company. As our slogan said “I have come for the price, but I have stay thanks for the service”.

While our residential area clients grow quickly other markets as the wholesale area start decreasing and traffic incomes decreased too, residential focus on client becomes strategic so we started solving monitorization of working orders.

As fast our provision system would be, as fast our clients began to enjoy our services and as fast we started to earn money billing his services. In those days our service was very attractive and we offer more high speed broadband connection with low price and aggressive promotions in order to grow in clients making in speed the great difference with other Spanish big Telco’s, people loved this idea and a huge amount of working orders into our provision system come in a short place of time becoming a bottleneck. Manage all these working orders successfully in order not to delay the service was the most important objective we have faced in the first days of the new non traffic era that we have in mind. We established controls and dashboards on working in process orders to achieve the excellence of services and a fast ready for billing.

Once provision programs were improve, next natural step was making effort on billing assurance, review of the income lifecycle was a must and efforts will be on address a billing quality program in order to reduce billing errors and avoid revenue loses. Our slogan “One client, one validated bill” to assure that all subscription will be billed, every sales promotion is according to what will promise avoiding duplication of discounts, audits onto our billing system will help us to reach the goal.

As we are a small and young operator our budget was too reduced so outsourcing our bill review program or acquire a Revenue Assurance tool was a miracle for us, so our natural step was adopt a tailor made and homemade strategy and implement our own bill quality process, our team work hard with the billing department in order to design billing controls on new billing services, loyalty programs policies, rating tariffs checking, data quality programs and internal audits between the CRM and the billing system. On very short our time almost the whole part of the billing incidences were detected by the revenue assurance team, the complaints of the clients decreased exponentially and clients name our company one with the best service of the country.

Nowadays our little team formed by four revenue assurance specialist manage the different markets of the company with his improve programs on Wholesale Area, Residential Area and MVO Area avoiding loss of incomes with a value of almost 9 million of euros per year.

But life still continue and earth keep moving, so new improve programs must be done, transition from traffic controls to business assurance was a must, new big data strategies could preparing the next transition from business assurance to revenue generation, new methods of identify patterns between clients will allow known our client perfectly and improve our revenue by giving exactly what he expected and needed on every moment.

Anon – Revenue Assurance Specialist – Spain