What is your favourite Pizza? Neural Technologies User Forum 2017

Paul Cox
Author: Paul Cox Business Development Manager
Date: 1st December 2016
Categories: Technology, Financial, Telecoms, Revenue Assurance, Optimus, Neural Technologies

When you go out to a Pizzeria with a group of friends, or family, there is obviously a wide choice of different ingredients (or configurations) and types of pizza to choose from, but at the end of the day, each one of you has had a Pizza. This got me thinking about the software we offer at Neural Technologies – Optimus. It is flexible, adaptable, with many different configurations and is a powerful tool for many businesses.

That description, and the graphic representation of our Optimus solution could arguably be compared to a pizza – now clearly our software is far more complicated than the choice between mushrooms and peppers on a pizza but bear with me. Optimus is an adaptable and flexible solution, and if you entertain my line of thought a pizza is the same, by virtue of your choice of ingredients, base and crusts.

At our user forum in April 2017, many of our valued customers will gather together. They all use our solution in a bespoke fashion, each configured differently depending on their needs, but they are still all Optimus users!

Everyone may have a different choice of pizza, but it is still a pizza - they all serve your hunger, while Optimus serves your specific business requirements.

Come to our user conference and tell us about your use of our product, and maybe your favourite pizza too.