Building your Business

Luke Taylor
Author: Stephen (Kai) Sui CEO
Date: 14th February 2017
Categories: Technology, Data, Telecoms, Revenue Assurance, Fraud protection, Optimus, Neural Technologies, Revenue Management

Prior to working at Neural, I founded two companies - Global Interactive Technology Pte Limited (acquired by Syniverse) and Mplified Pte Limited (acquired by Neural). My approach when building both these companies was always to do what we do well – better than the rest where possible – but ensure that we do not lose focus by obsessing over being the cream of the crop - instead we remain intelligent and do not lose sight of what else we can achieve.

Taking Neural as an example. Neural has always done fraud management and data analytics brilliantly. Differently. Better. What I saw as an ‘issue’ was that we concentrated so hard on being the best in fraud and analytics that we didn’t see that we could expand our scope intelligently and reach new sectors with similar problems.

We take care of data – we are great at interpreting it and providing useful insights to the people using it. What we lacked was the power to collect the data and the ability to integrate into any system. I realised that if we could obtain those capabilities, we could create a platform that would deal with all of a company’s data needs and all of the issues associated with that; from fraud management to customer monitoring, from rating to dunning.

We acquired PCTi in 2015 to assist with systems integration, so we are now able to connect Neural’s Optimus platform to any system to collect the data required for processing. In the same year, we acquired Enterest to boost Neural’s platform software, which means that we now have every component covered for a cradle-to-grave approach to company data. By bolting on additional functionality, companies can now use Neural’s Optimus platform to their increase behind-the-scenes intelligence and make informed business decisions and maximise revenues.

Traditionally, Neural‘s customers have been mainly Telcos, but our platform is now ‘vertical agnostic’ and can be used by any company that requires better understanding of what its data means: banks, insurance, utilities, energy companies, medical companies – the list goes on. What has really helped us is having partners in different verticals to help us see how our technology can work for that industry and understanding the needs of each different sector.

As Neural progresses and grows, we are establishing a partnership ecosystem, creating a community of Optimus users and creating our own use cases across a range of verticals.

I and the rest of Neural’s management team are attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month, and this provides a great opportunity to touch base with our customers and partners, to talk to each other and share their ideas, knowledge and issues. It’s also a great place for us to listen, to find out what’s working well, what needs improvement and what new challenges we can help them to overcome. 

So, if I had to sum up what I have learned about building businesses in the tech sector, I would say always strive to see the bigger picture and how you could fit into it.  Look for people and companies who can strengthen you as partners, and always listen to your customers. 

Are you attending Mobile World Congress? Our Senior Management team will be there, along with our Partners & Channels Manager so that we can best serve our customers’ requirements, meet new prospects, and develop reciprocal relationships with our partners. Come meet us in Hall 7 Stand C14, or email us to organise a meeting