Man finds RA hidden in Fraud - Read my Blog....

Paul Cox
Author: Paul Cox Business Development Manager
Date: 5th June 2017
Categories: Technology, Data, Financial, Telecoms, Revenue Assurance, Fraud protection, RA, Optimus, Neural Technologies

This time last year, I was the ‘new boy’ at Neural Technologies and found myself delving into the world of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance for the first time. To this end, with wide-eyed enthusiasm, I was carted off to the RAG event (Risk and Assurance Group) in London to learn more about the fascinating new market I was operating in. I listened, learnt and networked, all the while feeling very impressed that a free event could offer so much - in my previous roles, you paid good money to attend such worthwhile and informative events.

One of the prominent speakers that day was Gina Pesheva of Deutsche Telekom. Part of her presentation described the untapped opportunity of merging certain layers of RA systems with Fraud Management Systems. Gina explained the benefits of merging the data layer used for both RA and Fraud Management. This would enable a high level of cost efficiency for processing and keeping data as the data volumes in the IP world explodes.

With this in mind and being a keen Scrabble player, I just could not believe that the letters RA were part of the word Fraud and in the correct order, something I had missed for so long. Gina spoke about her mission to investigate the amalgamation of Fraud and RA functions, and we had previously exchanged e-mails on this very subject. But there is more, the ironic thing for the mind of a scrabble player is that if you take the letters RA out of the word Fraud you are left with FUD, a well-used acronym for ‘Fear Uncertainty and Doubt’.

Gina’s company in Bonn is hosting the next RAG event and I am sure this subject will be discussed, debated, and that conclusions will be drawn. I for one look forward to hearing more about the operators journey toward combining Fraud and RA and eliminating the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. 

Paul Cox – Business Development Manager