Is Human Interaction Dying

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management
Author: Paul Cox Business Development Manager
Date: 22nd August 2017
Categories: Technology, Data, Financial, Telecoms, Revenue Assurance, Fraud protection, RA, Optimus, Neural Technologies

Forty-seven percent of parents never measure their children’s feet! Obviously, nothing to do with our industry, but it prompted a lively debate in our office and everyone had valid input. One comment prompted me to think more deeply about this off the wall statistic. My workmate said that her husband saw a child standing on his Mum’s tablet. When probed as to why, the mother explained that this was a new App developed with the intent to remove the ‘middle man’ – the shoe shop. Measure up, pick the style and 24 hours later your children’s shoes turn up. Soon we will be carrying out daily activities without ever leaving our homes or having to interact with other people - just machines.

This debate got me thinking. Every morning most of us open our electronic inboxes and most of us discard e-mails, probably SPAM, but they may not be.  Some of those e-mails will be people ‘reaching out’, trying to make contact and probably, with genuine reasons. I also hear telephone callers being put off by ‘gatekeepers’ , because every day our office is inundated by people trying to make contact, again, maybe with genuine reasons.

So, are we slowly avoiding human interaction? Are we constantly avoiding contact and any commitment to communication, however small?  How many of you give out your business card at a meeting, but your contact holds back on giving you theirs… Then, as soon you prove yourself a worthwhile contact ‘hey presto’ the business card is produced.

The TM FORUM recently produced an article on Digital transformation and they stated that the number one driver should be Stronger Customer Relationships. Yet, my personal experience is that many of us are avoiding human contact like the plague and are consistently eschewing personal contact or human interaction. Forums like Linkedin encourage us to have huge networks of contacts, but how many have we actually spoken to? I am on Linkedin and keep contact with many people through it. At work we also have Workplace and I also have a personal Facebook page - but who do we really speak to, interact with or in the modern vernacular ‘F2F’ with?

Long gone are the days where the Sales Representative (as they were called) went to visit their customers and prospects regularly and spoke to them about their issues and needs. Trade shows, forums and interest groups are more important now than ever in order for us to interact with a customer/prospect in person. Otherwise, we are slowly becoming faceless individuals who will do all of our business through machines. Come on folks, let us start meeting each other and avoid becoming defunct.

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