4484 calls in the space of 20 hours!

Fraud and Revenue Assurance
Author: Sara Whitwell Digital Marketing Executive
Date: 29th August 2017
Categories: Technology, Data, Financial, Telecoms, Revenue Assurance, Fraud protection, RA, Optimus, Neural Technologies

I came across a recent article in the media with the eye watering title - Man with $191,000 phone bill wins case against TeleChoice after three-year court battle


Working for a Risk Management software vendor in the Telecoms industry, it led me to read on, interested in how a Communication Service Provider (CSP) got to this stage where a huge bill could be sent to the consumer and how it was inevitably resolved.

The article says 4484 calls went through in the space of 20 hours! Is it even possible for a human to make this many calls in this time scale? So how did the CSP not realise this could be an automated machine repetitively making calls and not notice this within a few minutes, shutting it down and saving this huge amount of revenue loss?

The court decided in this case that the customer should not be responsible for the cost; therefore, the CSP will lose $191,000! With analytical software widely available to recognise and immediately stop this fraud, why are CSP’s not investing in it?

I posted this particular news article on my LinkedIn page and one of the comments received made me think even more. The connection wrote…

“Any regulation needs supporters to pass the bill here in the States. In this case, Telecom companies won't benefit from such regulation and customers won't vote for it since they can use high bills to sue the Telecom Company”

Is this true? Surely not, CSP’s need happy, satisfied customers – happy satisfied customers spend money! CSP’s cannot afford to lose the customer, nor can then sustain $$$ after $$$ losses due to Roaming Bill Shock.

Europe recently brought in legislations to stop ‘Bill Shock’. This will hugely benefit the companies and is great news for their vulnerable customers alike. Happy customers equal contented advocates for the business.

With so much competition, CSP’s surely need to retain their customers and keep them happy and on-board.

Customer experience management is a topic that is currently trending in the industry and Bill shock is still a massive problem.

Does Australia need to look at adopting similar Roaming regulations to Europe, to reduce Bill Shock and improve customer experience?

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