Neural Technologies is actively engaged with the industry through TM Forum catalysts

Claus Nielsen
Author: Claus Nielsen
Date: 24th October 2017
Categories: Data, Telecoms, Optimus, Neural Technologies

OASIS - Open APIs for Vibrant IoT Ecosystem

As part of Neural Technologies work with the TM Forum’s catalysts, Product Management Director Claus Nielsen talks with Globe Telecom Inc.’s Head of Enterprise Architect at the TM Forum Action Week in Vancouver. The interview explains the issues that the OASIS Catalyst is addressing in partnership with Neural Technologies, Globe Telecom, Singtel Group, Ericsson and SAP.

This catalyst is utilising the Optimus Platform Workflow Orchestration capabilities, as well as Neural Technologies’ leadership in defining standardised IoT APIs that will be included as part of the TM Forum’s Open APIs.

A Live demonstration of the OASIS Catalyst will be on show at the TM Forum Live ASIA event, in Singapore, December 5th – 7th 2017 – If you would like to meet us at the event, or would simply like some more information about the products that Neural Technologies offers, please contact