Our approach

Neural Technologies' philosophy is built around fulfilling its customers' specific needs and is based upon the premise of flexibility.

Neural Technologies brings insight to data.

Neural Technologies’ helps you transform your business by delivering smarter insights, better decisions and faster actions to support your digital transformation strategy. For more than 25 years, enterprises have relied on our innovative Optimus® products & solutions in the areas of Revenue Management and Digital Integration. Optimus® does more than just protect your business’ revenue: it gives you the capabilities to deliver new business models faster, enhance your customer loyalty and improve your operational efficiency.

Neural Technologies has a global presence with customers in 45 countries worldwide. Founded in 1990, the company has built an international reputation for providing quality products to increase the bottom-line for its customers around the globe.

Modern enterprises differentiate and ultimately grow when they keep pace with the digital revolution through our offerings:

Superior Revenue Intelligence

  • Superior customer satisfaction delivered by ensuring that customers are always charged accurately and on time
  • Ensure profitability with holistic Revenue Management
  • Eliminate risk with near real-time fraud detection and prevention

 Mining your data to deliver superior customer experiences

  • Know Your Customer through customer behaviour analysis (KYC)
  • Grow and improve your customer base through targeted campaigns, tailored services and promotions
  • Generate loyalty, improve customer retainment and increase customer spending through personalisation, loyalty management and timely bespoke product offers

Business Insights

  • Know your business value through near real-time monitoring of your key business KPIs
  • Grow your business value through corrective action of key business drivers and deliver superior products, services and promotions ahead of the competition
  • Diminish risk by minimising business issues affecting customers

Minimising the gap between Information Technologies and Business Intelligence

  • Produce at high efficiency by fine tuning and monitoring your Operating & Business Support Systems to deliver top performance thus delivering superior customer satisfaction
  • Data consolidation & optimisation by integrating and mediating relevant data sources from both internal and external systems
  • Ensure profitability by near real-time monitoring of your business-critical support systems