Revenue Management eco-system

Allowing telecoms to support their revenue management initiatives and strategies

Telecom Service Providers need to transform themselves to adapt to the rapid change in the highly competitive  telecommunications industry, which has been driven by the paradigm shift of data usage and connectivity.

Subscribers now demand faster, higher quality and larger data quotas but lower monthly commitment fees. To supplement this, service providers must procure expanded data pipes, which OTT providers are now making use of.

OTT services do so without significant financial contribution to the cost of expansion and maintenance of providing this infrastructure. Larger quotas, unlimited voice calls, unlimited SMSs, mean increased exposure to leakages, abuses and fraud.

Neural Technologies understand the challenges that are being faced throughout the revenue lifecycle, from revenue generation to collections. Neural Technologies' solutions are built on the revolutionary Optimus framework giving endless possibilities in revenue management, data integration and rapid market adaptation.

Revenue management