Banking, Payment and Finance

Neural Technologies is a pioneer in the field of Risk Management with over 25 years' experience with clients in Banking (Fintech), Payment Gateway, Telecommunications (Mobile Payments), Credit Bureau, and Utilities. 

Our latest exciting innovation is a next generation technology solution platform called Optimus. Designed for Revenue Management using big data solutions and predictive analytics to review and analyse transaction(s) and customer behaviour in real-time; with the view of transforming businesses and providing organisations with a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, Optimus is an agile technology solution platform designed to enable rapid integration to core banking systems, payment gateways etc. to perform any of the Risk Management, Operations Support and/or Business Support Systems, enabling financial institutions to offer their customers enhanced experience and services at the right time.

With Optimus, you can connect all of your internal entities, data sources and external interfaces to form one holistic data flow infrastructure. It features on-screen configuration, simulation, debugging and one-click deployment. The underlying EDR Workbench platform provides the robustness, scalability and availability required - even for the most demanding of environments.

The Optimus Platform allows organisations to do anything with the data as it is being processed - analyse, transform, enrich, filter, replicate, validate, re-route, etc. There is no limit to the type of operation that Optimus enables you to run with the data, while it is being dynamically processed.

Banking, Payment and Financial model