Optimus Rating

Real-time rating and charging - Flexible and endless rating and charging possibilities

Optimus Rating, provides the most flexible and configurable Real-Time capability on any platform available to enable you to manage requirements individually or collectively for Online/Offline Charging and Convergent Mediation. Additionally, the solution provides you with Roaming Processing and UDR management view/edit capabilities and to test, monitor, convert and analyse your Usage Data Records. Deployment of any charging mechanism to any service, any pricing policy or set of business rules functions along with the capability of processing tens of thousands of transactions per second.

Why do you need this?

Today service providers are creating, launching, supporting and then ending far more services than ever before and this will only continue to grow. It is crucial that additions and changes in price plans, bundles, and promotions can be done quickly and cost effectively, a challenge and need that Optimus Real-Time Charging can manage efficiently and cost effectively.
To create longer term loyalty from all your customers you will need to deliver innovative marketing and service offerings that will appeal on an individual basis and this will include partner solutions, bundle discounts and promotional activities, which can be fully addressed through Optimus Rating, a real-time convergent rating & charging strategy solution.

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