Optimus Rating Assurance

Eliminating leakages before they happen - Pro-active detection of potential revenue leakages through rating and synthetic xDRs

Optimus Rating Assurance provides a solution to pro-actively detect rating anomalies before they occur. The system generates and uses synthetic xDRs of different calling and usage scenarios. These synthetic xDRs produced in Optimus Rating will be used to benchmark against the billing system for errors or anomalies, thereby testing new offerings and rates prior to introduction to the market. It will eliminate potential leakages or charging error preventing losses, churn and customer dissatisfaction.

The synthetic xDRs are not restricted to detecting rating anomalies but also potential errors in xDRs generated by the various components of the network. This is because the synthetic xDRs are also used as the master copy of the supposed xDRs to be generated by the network components in accordance with different scenarios.

Why do you need this?

Many cases of revenue leakages are linked to rating errors. Revenue recovery is a painful process, more so if it relates to the prepaid environment. Therefore, with the possibility of detecting anomalies at an early stage before the rollout of new tariff plans, Optimus Rating Assurance can detect the discrepancies and mitigate the risk of leakages - before they happen. Optimus Rating Assurance is also ideal for the integration challenges of migrating a legacy billing system to ensure the new billing system is correctly aligned before launch.

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