Optimus Collection

Maximising revenue collection from delinquency

Automated collection management to improve bad debt

Our debt collection software enables organisations to identify which collection procedures are most likely to be effective in recovering revenue from customers who default on their payments. Using a combination of techniques (including neural predictive analytics, advanced profiling, behavioural modelling, configurable rules and adaptive thresholds), the solution provides collectors with real-time decisions and substantially reduces manual decisioning, allowing manpower to be utilised in other areas of the collections process.

Key benefits:

  • Prioritise tools and processes to recover revenue in most efficient way
  • Reduce manual decisioning
  • Focus specialised staff on more complex cases
  • Lower bureau and information costs
  •  Improve collections' rates and reduce bad debt


  • Advanced technology including neural predictive analytics and behavioural modelling
  • Reporting functionality
  • Complete audit trail of actions taken by system and users
  • Readily adapts to changing business requirements
  • Can be deployed on-site or as a SaaS solution

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