Optimus Fraud

Mitigating fraud and improving revenues - A comprehensive solution for 360 degree fraud monitoring of your business

Fraud is a huge challenge for many organisations. It impacts bottom-line profits which can cause negative publicity and erode customer and shareholder confidence. Above all, it impacts on the ability of a business to generate revenue and compete in its markets.

Optimus Fraud Management Solution (FMS) provides comprehensive fraud protection against a multitude of risks. It empowers organisations to detect fraud, whether the source is internal, external, customer, partner or dealer and to analyse, visualise and act upon data to make informed decisions on identifying and treating fraud.

Optimus Fraud

Optimus FMS allows you to manage fraud throughout the customer lifecycle and implement new controls and analysis independently for proactive detection, faster response times and lower supplier costs. The multi-stage analysis architecture ensures that false positive rates are kept to a minimum to ensure investigation productivity. Inherent features within the product include data mining functionality utilising advanced neural predictive analytics, behavioural profiling, as well as link analysis and identity matching techniques to detect fraud. With the constant change and evolution of the telecommunications’ networks and increase in service offerings, the growth in data has been exponential. Optimus FMS has been architected to grow and scale with your business. Optimus FMS can be deployed on site at customer premises or in a SaaS model.

Optimus FMS manages numerous fraud types, including:

  • Internal/dealer fraud
  • IRSF (International Revenue Share Fraud)
  • Bypass/SIM Box Fraud 
  • Mobile Payments Fraud
  • PBX & VoIP Fraud
  • PRS (Premium Rate Service) Fraud
  • Roaming Fraud
  • Subscription fraud/Identity theft/Application fraud
  • Wangiri Fraud

Why do you need this?

With an increased competitive landscape, Communication Service providers need to ensure that they have robust fraud controls in place to minimise unnecessary financial losses that could impact not only the bottom line profits but also corporate reputation.  As the telecommunications’ market has become more and more saturated and margins are eroded with strong competition, it is imperative in today’s fast growing industry that every business line is protected from external or internal threats. With the advent of Over The Top (OTT) and Internet Of Things (IOT) data diversity and volumes will only increase. It is imperative that communication service providers have capability to digest and analyse data in near-real time to detect anomalous behaviour quickly and efficiently.

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