Optimus Revenue Assurance

Detecting revenue leakage in real-time - End to end revenue and business assurance monitoring

Optimus Revenue Assurance (RA) helps organisations to ensure that all revenue generated by customers and partner organisations is correctly billed or accounted for, and that the processes designed to support the revenue assurance function are working as efficiently as possible

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Optimus RA can collect data from all systems in the revenue chain to handle a wide range of revenue assurance challenges, including:

  • Traffic assurance: monitors the flow of billable events through mediation, rating and billing to ensure that all billable traffic is collected in the first place and that none is lost before reaching the customer's bill
  • Process assurance: monitors changes/lack of changes to system data to ensure that processes are taking place in the correct sequence and in the expected timeframes
  • Data assurance: verifies the consistency of customer, product and service data to ensure that all services provisioned/de-provisioned are also recorded accurately in the CRM and billing systems and that the tariffs applied match those published
  • Settlement assurance: monitors the flow of revenue across external business relationships e.g. inbound and outbound payments and content, to ensure organisations collect everything they are owed and settle accurately with their partners

Optimus RA has been designed to be a multi-platform product to allow for other revenue protection capabilities including fraud, credit risk and collections.  Sharing the same infrastructure, Optimus allows for full visibility across your business and service offerings and the revenue at risk.  

Key benefits:

  • Identify revenue leakages
  • Ensure all revenue generated by customers is correctly billed
  • Guarantee accurate settlement with business partners
  • Optimise processes
  • Ensure tariffs are applied correctly


  • Readily integrates with other systems
  • Reporting tool and dashboard environment
  • Case management environment with data mining functionality
  • Complete audit trail of actions taken by system and users
  • Can be deployed on-site or as a SaaS solution

Why do you need this?

Every telecommunication service provider needs to ensure, in such a competitive marketplace where margins are optimal, that every service offered is fully assured.  The need for visibility of financial exposure and revenue leakage within your business is crucial to ensure that profitability is maintained.

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