Optimus Law Enforcement

Providing insight to third party law authorities - An automated communication between fraud and external law enforcement

For some network service providers, the responsibility for managing external requests for customer information (whether it is Law Enforcement, Government agencies, Inland Revenue/Tax or 3rd party Data Protection requests) resides within the Fraud & Security operations department, as the interaction tends to be confidential in nature. To support the variety of requests from different external sources, for information on subscribers, dedicated resource needs to be made available 24x7 and the cost for this can be considerable.

The Optimus Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Module, provides an automated direct link between the service provider and the designated authorities. This enables fast, effective communication and information access for new and ongoing criminal cases, reducing internal resource requirements and speeding up law enforcement response times.LEA request

The module enables operators and LEAs to electronically share information relating to specific criminal cases, providing on-demand access to valuable data to support ongoing investigations and criminal prosecutions.  There is a full audit trail and operators can set permissions and roles for users, as well as being able to update who has the supervisor role to manage handling out of office hour’s requests. In addition, the network operator has control over the LEA user ID and password used to authenticate law enforcement agents.

The LEA integration module can be added to an existing Optimus Fraud Management solution and can be deployed on-site or as a SaaS.

Why do you need this?

The requirements from law authorities can be demanding, with many requests being asked of the service provider. Without an automated system, authentication and management is a resource intensive activity.  With Optimus LEA in place, your resources can focus on the fraud cases that are being perpetrated within your network, with the satisfaction of knowing that the system is also assisting law enforcement agencies to progress their own initiatives on crime, corruption, terrorism and other regional issues such as poaching, smuggling, etc...

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