Optimus Self Help

Data Usage Management Portal and anti-Bill Shock - A middleware solution for all your customers’ data usage management and subscription

Optimus Self Help is a middleware solution that compliments your network's real time data accounting platform, such as Policy Charging/Control Enforcement (PCEF/RF) to provide a rich self-help interface to the end customer. Via the portal, end customers have control over data plans they have subscribed to; from the flexibility of real-time data usage views and alerts, to opt-in automatic suspension of data connection when it reaches a predetermined volume or amount.

It is a perfect solution to mitigate bill shock especially while subscribers are roaming without a data plan and has the flexibility to integrate to different points. The back-end logic of retrieving subscription information, suspensions, notifications, activations and deactivations are, therefore, triggered from within the same platform. This ensures that the business logic integrity is intact as opposed to having too many trigger points. Optimus Self Help does not replace the PCEF/RF but rather compliments and assists to expand its capability by having added business logic outside of the box.

Optimus self help

Why do you need this?

Data is the largest growing segment in the mobile telecommunications’ industry and a major revenue contributor to service providers. Many new and creative data plans are being offered to subscribers in this competitive market. The downward trend of unlimited data plans is replaced with data limited plans to allow revenue generation against the infrastructure expenditure incurred by the service provider. However, with this shift in service offerings, ‘Bill Shock’ is one of the biggest problems that service providers will need to overcome.

Additionally, subscribers now look to have better reactive view and control of their data usage.  Dissatisfied subscribers querying bills will result in an increase of customer care resource as well as, more critically, the possibility of churn. Optimus Self Help ensures that the customer is informed about data usage and when nearing the full use of their data allowance. It can notify them of the specific limits and alternative packages available to them to continue utilising data services, a critical requirement for customer satisfaction and increased revenue for the service provider

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