Optimus Mediation

Next Generation Convergent Mediation - Solution to the ‘Integration of Things’ in the era of ‘Internet of Things’

Optimus Mediation is a generic Usage Data Management platform that is capable of running any usage data processing scenario for Convergent Mediation. Service providers' need to process usage data is far more comprehensive than just mediation and Optimus Mediation enables you to manage the end to end lifecycle through the OSS/BSS domains.

The business needs today will be different from tomorrow and change is inevitable.  Optimus Mediation provides that capability on a single platform, from processing, charging, applying policy rules, testing, assuring, analysing, querying, retrieving and manipulating data simply and efficiently for your CEM and Big Data projects.

Optimus Mediation enables you to embrace change. Whether it is exponential growth in data volumes, the need for incredibly complex business logic, individual local market requirements for data formats and functionality or a change in architecture, all can be achieved in a real-time everything environment.

Optimus Mediation Big Data

Why do you need this?

When it comes to core processes, the changing and dynamic environment means that they need to be achieved faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost without any increase in risk; in fact most executives within organisations would demand that advancements in technology will actually decrease the risks.

Optimus Mediation is being used by leading Communication Service Providers globally and has technically, operationally and commercially outperformed the market competition.  There is no need to compromise or for complicated costly changes and, on occasions, workarounds to achieve your required objectives and goals.  Optimus Mediation is fully configurable empowering the end user to introduce data from anywhere in their business.

Optimus Mediation is a single platform, with many solutions supporting Convergent Mediation, Online/Offline Charging, Balance Management, Policy Management, Roaming Conversion / Charging and UDR Management.

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