Optimus Business Logic

Enabling true service oriented business logic - A centralised services creation and data integration platform that can be utilised by various interconnecting components in the IT network.

Optimus Business Logic is a one-stop centralised data integration platform that simplifies all your IT connectivity. Providing the workflow control for all business logic, it is able to adapt and connect output from diverse and business critical systems and network components irrelevant of origin. Optimus Business Logic will handle every transaction request and service trigger, configured to match your business process flow needs.

With the intuitive service creation tool, you will be empowered to create, transform and manage all your IT business logic workflows quickly, thereby giving you a competitive advantage in the time-to-market process.

Optimus Business Logic is built on the Optimus Framework giving proven flexibility, stability and performance essential to any telco grade operation.

Optimus Framework

Why do you need this?

With the dynamic and rapid changes in the market, the demand to roll out, change or remove services or applications efficiently, effectively and rapidly is essential to every service provider. The complexity of the inter-connectivity and business logic will increase proportionally with the new services and IT components introduced.

Optimus Business Logic is the answer to service providers who want to operate optimally having the advantage of true capability to achieve ‘Integration of Things’.

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