Optimus Risk Incidents Management

A centralized risk repository and incidents management solution

Optimus Risk Incidents Management is a centralised repository for all the reported risk incident cases from various risk detection platforms and having a business workflow for next course of action. It does not take away the role of the respective system to detect and monitor risk cases but it complements in the consolidated downstream processing of confirmed cases. You will be able to look at the hoslitic view and exposure of all the risk cases. This will allow you to make better decisions on the mitigation and the prevention strategy across all the operating entities within your organisation.

Why do you need this?

A single view of all risk related incident matrix is very important for organizations to understand the risk exposure, manage and mitigate risks. However, many organisations rely on mutiple platforms for risk monitorings such as fraud, revenue leakages, credit losses and therefore resulted data being stored in respective platforms. It is a challenge for organizations to obtained consolidated insights from decentralized data sources.

Optimus Risk Incidents Management as a centralised incident repository enables you to better manage the risks incidents reported on an enterprise or global level. 

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