Data Portal

Dynamic data management and data extraction for a data-driven business landscape

In a data-driven world, it’s vital that enterprises employ appropriate data management to integrate and understand their growing data resources. Optimus Data Portal is a middleware solution that unifies data access for southbound queries, ensuring clear data mapping and processing that eliminates unnecessary complexity in data extraction to respond on northbound requests.

Neural Technologies’ Data Portal leverages decades of experience building effective data-driven solutions for business. It incorporates the company’s advanced artificial and machine learning technologies to provide a powerful enterprise solution that delivers clear strategic advantage through actionable data insight.

Empowering enterprise data

Optimus Data Portal utilizes a generic RESTful API, providing an accessible platform that avoids unnecessary queries from multiple different APIs. It is designed to provide an advanced data profiling solution regardless of the origin of the datasets themselves. With its caching module, the Data Portal solution ensures enterprises can drastically reduce the number of hits to the southbound system, by storing frequently requested data in an accessible cache.

This solution can easily integrate into enterprise systems such as mobile operators’ complex IT networks. It is designed to integrate and provide data extraction solutions for interconnected systems, drawing data from multiple sources. Optimus Data Portal is able to adapt and grow as enterprise demands shift, providing a data management solution that is easily scaled to meet the needs of a growing business.

Data mapping and understanding can unlock wider opportunities in the arena of customer service and engagement, providing a dynamic serving offering which delivers insight into potential areas of revenue generation outside traditional operating models.

Data Portal Features

Slide A unified data point which serves southbound queries and simplifies the data retrieval process for any front-end application, enabling multi-sourced data query via a single query. Querying systems do not need to adapt to multiple different APIs. Optimus Data Portal exposes a generic API for all queries, regardless of where the source data comes from, and the count of values. Interfacing with standard message queues, like Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQTT Slide Enhanced performance for data extraction by reducing the number of queries to data sources, and increases security with authentication and authorization control for each of the data sets. Cache and shadow store incorporates data pulled passively from source system upon request, as well as data pushed/captured actively from source systems. Cache update and synch mechanism allows users to refresh or update each parameter value at any point in time, based on different source systems independently. Slide Enhanced performance for data extraction by reducing the number of queries to data sources, and increases security with authentication and authorization control for each of the data sets. Includes primary-secondary source retrieval, and cache retention period (time-to-live) User interface allows manual cache query, operations configuration, and manual operations actions, with user-friendly dashboard.

Business Benefits for Customers

Data Portal
Valuable Data Insight
Data extraction that empowers your business with valuable data insight for informed decision making, bringing together multiple information sources into a unified data management platform.
Data Portal
Simplifying Data Query
Simple RESTful API enables straightforward data query without the need for adapting to myriad proprietary source system APIs.
Data Portal
Reduced Pressure on Backend
Optimizes Data Portal provides fast, automated processes that can reduce hits to source by 50-80%, significantly reducing the pressure on backend IT infrastructure.
Data Portal
CAPEX Savings
Reduced backend resource needs enables savings on capital expenditure by avoiding need for investment in expensive in-house IT systems.
Data Portal
Mitigating Source Unavailability
The ShadowDB module allows enterprises to scale down replication of critical data in a persistent and up-to-date manner, mitigating the risk of total service downtime when the source system is temporarily unavailable.
Data Portal
Enhanced Customer Experience
Informed decision making leads to enhanced customer experience, ensuring actions are guided by consistent and unified data.
Data Portal
Ability to handle high-volume data thanks to advanced automation.
Data Portal
Flexible Approach
A customizable solution which enables enterprises to configure key values and parameters, ensuring a solution that meets business needs.

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