Enhance your credit collection process with an adaptive enterprise dunning solution

Optimus Dunning provides a dynamic solution that enables enterprises to successfully automate and customize their dunning and credit collection process, freeing up agents for higher value work, and allowing businesses to maintain vital dunning process workflow.

This highly-customizable platform assists businesses in successful dunning automation, incorporating all crucial functionality required for dunning process management. It enables enterprises to effectively increase their outstanding/overdue payment collections rate, without alienating high-value customers thanks to the multi-profiling capability. This adaptive automated approach boosts collection success while providing clear and consistent treatment for valued

Adaptive solution for an evolving landscape

The Optimus Dunning product provides an adaptive solution for the modern enterprise environment. It is designed to manage increasingly complex credit collection processes, with multiple tariff structures running simultaneously within dunning workflows.

Optimus Dunning provides a configurable solution that delivers automated treatment for segmented groups or individual customers. It supports promise-to-pay features, offering a smooth credit collection process for both business and customers. This configurable platform enables businesses to introduce exceptions for special groups, holidays, or weekends as required. This provides a flexible dunning process that can adapt to changing market conditions.

Optimus Dunning offers a fast-to-market solution that can be deployed quickly, and scaled up as business needs evolve. The consistent and automated workflow, configurable nature, and simple backend integration result in improved debt collection processes and success rates for enterprises. It is designed to enhance debt recovery while successfully responding to the unique needs of customer groups and individuals

Dunning Features

Slide Special exclusion dates (multi profiles) for an adaptive customer-centric solution. Multiple dunning profiles for treatment of multiple groups or customer segmentations. Special exclusion lists for multiple profiles. Flexible and intuitive dunning procedure workflow configurations. Slide Dunning workflow suspensions across multiple profiles, with promise-to-pay functionality. Formulation of condition. Supports procedure interrupt, with skip, suspension, or removal Dashboards and analytics offer clear performance management for profiles, procedures, and payment, alongside other customizable dunning insights. Slide Configurable actions through SMS, email, barring/suspension, automated call triggering, account deactivation, e-wallet deductions, and bank notifications. Automated reinstatement after dunning suspension periods end.

Business Benefits for Customers

Customized dunning automation workflow, includes capability to suspend workflows for specific subscriber groups to support varied business needs.
Configurable Actions
Execute configurable actions throughout the dunning process.
Configurable interconnections into other systems enable rapid and easy integration for scale up.
Reduce manual interventions in the dunning process, freeing up valuable resources to focus on more complex cases.
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Enhanced Credit Collection
Streamline processes to ensure outstanding invoices progress through workflow, boosting debt collection process and success rate.
Adaptive Treatment
Differentiated treatment for customer groups, segments, and individuals, providing a risk-based approach to dunning that reflects unique customer circumstances.
Consistent automated workflow ensures fair and managed treatment.
Easy Integration
Easily integrated with backend systems, as well as connecting varied data technologies.

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