Data Transformation

Dynamic data delivering a growing enterprise opportunity

Data is the heart of modern enterprise value. The right data process provides a route to enhanced operational efficiency, informed business decisions, and new avenues of business opportunity.

Neural Technologies’ have over three decades of experience helping deliver effective data transformation solutions for partners across a wide range of industries. Our Data Transformation solution helps customers build the right data architecture, and implement an appropriate data process, to leverage the full value of the expanding volume of their data lakes.

Data transformation is a process which takes place throughout an organization, supported by a technology solution that incorporates actions such as data integration, migration, warehousing, and wrangling. This data process can be broadly classified into four categories:

(adding, copying, and replicating data)
(deleting fields and records)
(standardizing salutations or street names)
(renaming, moving, and combining columns in a database)

Digital transformation is data transformation

The success of digital transformation projects are fundamentally linked to a solid foundation of data transformation capabilities. Delivering on this transformation strategy isn’t just about collecting, cleaning, reformatting, and storing data. It also includes appropriate data architecture to enable analysis of processed data that delivers real-time results to inform a company’s decision making.

The Optimus Data Transformation solution enables users to consume and process any kind of data, based on highly-configurable transformation business logic. It integrates seamlessly with existing and emerging data solutions to ensure transformed data is readily available to upstream and downstream applications and storage systems.

Data quality and availability are key to the Optimus platform solution. It offers an optimized choice to ensure data is delivered in accordance with these requirements. That ensures a solution which enables business-critical data to be trusted, and transformed into valuable strategic insight.

Data Transformation Features

Interactive configuration

Data Transformation
Any xDR-format (ASN.1, ASCII,Binary, XML).
Data Transformation
Any xDR-processing logic and business rule using openBSL.

Input from, and output to, from file, DB and real-time interfaces like Kafka, SOAP, Rest API’s
Store any number of scenarios.

Data Transformation
Freely layout for each individual scenario.
Step-by-step simulation and debug of the processing workflow.

Data Transformation
Data Transformation
Automated deployments.

Easy check-in/out configuration

Data Transformation
Transactional security.

User and role-based management security.
Operational console.

Data Transformation
Full logging, customizable.
Data Transformation
Start/stop individual parts of processing

Data Transformation
Very high performance with small footprint
Available on Linux and Windows platforms.

Data Transformation
Cloud-native deployments supported via Docker and Kubernetes.

Business Benefits for Customers

Data Transformation
Highly Configurable
Work with any usage data format just by configuration. Unlike other solutions, Optimus Data Transformation does not follow a concept of hard-coded adapters to handle new and changing format requirements.
Data Transformation
Bespoke Business Logic
All business logic within Optimus Data Transformation is configured using the openBSL language optimized for working with usage data. This includes even complete processing scenarios like real-time charging which are available as add-ons.
Data Transformation
Easily Integrated
The Optimus Data Transformation platform is open design, offering standard means to interface with other systems in the environment through real-time interfaces (e.g. Rest API’s, SOAP, DIAMETER, etc.), streaming capabilities (e.g. Kafka) as well as transactional DB interfaces and other interfaces such as file and directory accesses. All interfacing can be controlled from within the business logic.
Data Transformation
Multiple Uses
As a platform technology for usage data management, Optimus Data Transformation can handle multiple different use cases, all on the same platform and at the same time.

Data Transformation
Platform Independence
All configurations within EDR Workbench are completely platform independent.
Data Transformation
Testing Support
Optimus Data Transformation provides a complete configuration studio, including data flow simulation, step-by-step debugging, and unit testing mechanism.
Data Transformation
True Product/Upgradability
Platform upgrades are straightforward and are the same for everyone. Everyone is using the same product, and not customized versions of the same.
Data Transformation
Memory Utilization
Optimus Data Transformation is designed to consume assigned CPU and memory to the maximum while reducing the use of slower resources such as disk, DB and network. As a result, it is a performance leader in its field.

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