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Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that unlock enhanced data intelligence for business

Data is the backbone of our modern economy, and the rate of growth is accelerating. An expected 59 zettabytes of data will be generated in 2020 alone, forming part of a global ecosystem of connected data. That presents a remarkable opportunity for data intelligence that drives modern business revenue.

Neural Technologies is a leading industry expert in digital transformation and data intelligence for business. We have over 30 years’ experience delivering market-leading solutions that reduce revenue loss, protect against fraud, and provide advanced business intelligence tools that enhance enterprise performance.

Data drives enterprise opportunity

Analysis by Deloitte Insights reveals those companies which deeply embed digital transformation evidence better performance on their peers across key financial metrics, including bottom line performance.

The benefits of digital maturity are realized through improvements in efficiency, revenue growth, product or service quality, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Neural Technologies has extensive experience unlocking those opportunities in partnership, providing customized data and digital transformation solutions that are uniquely designed for our customer’s operating landscape.

Automated data processing for the modern landscape

Analysts IDC predict that the amount of data generated between 2020-2023 will be more than three times greater than the global data generated over the last 30 years. In the period from 2020-2025, our digital world is expected to generate more than five times the data then it did in the previous five.

Automated data processing is critical for enterprises in this operating environment. Without the right data management platform, enterprises are faced with growing data lakes, accumulating floods of enterprise data without leveraging actionable business insight.

Neural Technologies’ solutions are designed to be easily integrated at scale, providing seamless connectivity with existing internal and third-party data sources. These solutions require no capital-intensive upfront expenditure, and can be quickly adopted through a simple subscription license that substantially reduces the total cost of ownership compared to rival data solutions.


Neural Technologies offers a portfolio of solutions for a wide range of industries beyond telecoms, utilities, and finance. Get in touch to find out more about how our powerful AI/ML platform can improve revenue opportunities for your business, or explore our Digital Transformation, Customer Engagement, and Revenue Protection solutions.