Finance Industry

Advanced solutions unlocking the value of big data in finance

Finance is an industry built on the importance of data. Neural Technologies’ advanced solutions allow finance industry players to unlock the greatest possible value from new and existing enterprise data.

Digital transformation is driving sweeping changes to the finance landscape. Incumbent players are faced with challenges from digital-first startups, seeking to leverage new consumer behavior in a modern digital world. Emerging players face remarkable challenges entering legacy ecosystems where traditional players maintain market share built on extensive data understanding.

A study by the Hackett Group of financial industry players revealed that embracing digital transformation enabled a cost reduction of 42% in typical finance organizations, and up to 60% for those who embrace a leading world-class transformation.

Understanding and acting on business data offers a key competitive advantage in this landscape. It enables operators to respond to evolving customer needs, while maintaining financial efficiency that delivers sustainable operations in a challenging operating environment.

Leveraging data in finance

The Optimus Platform provides a range of finance analytics and revenue protection solutions that can deliver significant return on investment for finance players across the entire industry value chain.

These powerful solutions offer comprehensive revenue protection and insight, providing swift return on investment for digital transformation. Our portfolio is designed to uphold all regulatory compliance requirements, helping finance industry players embrace cost-effective solutions that boost compliance.

In a fast-moving financial landscape, the Optimus Platform provides a data integration solution that is easily scalable, and customizable to your unique business needs.

Finance industry solutions

Neural Technologies’ portfolio of solutions provides financial data analytics, digital transformation, and revenue protection products for the finance industry.

Case studies

Explore data in action with case studies of Neural Technologies’ delivery in the finance industry.


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