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Unlocking telecom data opportunity with advanced telecom solutions

Neural Technologies offers a suite of market-leading telecom solutions that leverage advanced machine learning to unlock exciting revenue opportunities for the telecommunication industry.

The telecoms industry is facing a remarkable period of evolution. Emerging technologies such as IoT and 5G are accelerating digital transformations in a landscape of high consumer expectation. Communication service providers (CSPs) will need to meet the needs of billions of telecoms customers, each with expectations of a dynamic, personalized digital ecosystem.

We have over 30 years of experience working with leading telecoms providers around the world, leveraging our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to unlock the value of data in partnership. Our advanced telecom analytics and products help reduce revenue leakage, while unlocking new revenue opportunities through its highly-customizable and scalable platform.

Leveraging the value of telecoms data

Telecommunications is already a complex industry. The growth of disruptive technologies such as IoT and 5G is set to enhance that complexity further. Neural Technologies is a company with a long history of designing effective solutions to the challenges of expanding telecoms data.

Analysts Gartner estimate that over 1.5 billion smartphone handsets were shipped in 2019 alone. That contributes to a globally-connected population of over 5 billion unique mobile users and 8 billion sim connections according to GSMA. Telecommunications companies are presented with a remarkable opportunity in this hyper-connected global landscape.

5G is set to accelerate that opportunity even further, as new revenue streams provide an increasingly data-rich environment for operators. GSMA predicts 5G will account for 20% of global connections by 2025.

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Platform is designed to provide a simple, scalable solution that can meet the demands of this high volume landscape. Our solutions integrate with existing and proprietary data sources, providing a single-source data platform that can enhance decision making and ensure rapid time-to-market for new products and services.

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