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A powerful data platform unlocking value for the utilities industry

Digital transformation is at the heart of the future utilities industry. Power sector players are facing a period of remarkable transformation, driven by an accelerating energy transition, electrification of things, and growing consumer expectations. Leveraging the value of utilities data is critical in this evolving industry environment.

Neural Technologies’ Optimus solution provides a data platform that can transform data understanding for utility companies around the world. Its portfolio of artificial intelligence and machine learning ML solutions can increase efficiency, reduce revenue loss, and unlock new opportunities for utilities in areas such as smart connected infrastructure, fraud protection, digital transformation, and more.

With over 30 years of experience, Neural Technologies is a leading provider of data-driven solutions that deliver real business results.

The value of digital transformation for utilities

In a 2016 report, the World Economic Forum projected that digital transformation could unlock US$1.3 trillion value for the electricity selector alone. Leveraging utilities data to create smarter, more future-ready organisations is key to that opportunity.

Neural Technologies’ solutions are designed for simple adoption, enabling rapid return on investment. They require minimal upfront expenditure, with simple subscription fees for products and services. The extreme efficiency of these advanced automated solutions delivers sigifnicantly reduced total cost of ownership for customers.

Too many utilities, however, either deny that the threats of a changing market are imminent or address those threats only incrementally… Successful companies start their transformations before a significant downturn in performance has occurred.
Boston Consulting Group, Rewiring Utilities for the Power Market of the Future.

Neural Technologies is committed to delivering digital transformation in partnership. Our team of experts will work closely with your organization, helping analyze your unique business needs. The customizable solutions portfolio then enables us to design and deliver a solution that can address the unique pain points and revenue opportunities for your business. The scalable, configurable nature of our products allows these advanced solutions to be easily adapted to changing business conditions.

Utilities industry solutions

Neural Technologies’ portfolio of AI/ML solutions delivers real value for business. Explore the products in detail using the links below.

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