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Event Data is at the heart of any enterprise and it is always the result of a business process. TM Forum’s Business Process Framework (eTOM), which is an integral part of the TM Forum’s Frameworx, is an illustration of such an association.

In the digital enterprise world, the Event Data records associated with each of these business processes are equal to financial assets. Depending on the business process, the Event Data in question (and it’s required formats, volumes etc.) needs to be consumed. However, when consuming Event Data, the enterprise will meet a variety of challenges as can be seen below:

  • Event Data volumes – Takes up to 80% of total enterprise data volume
  • Abundance of siloed and redundant data stores/lakes
  • Event Data stripped of valuable information
  • Expensive, insufficient and capacity challenges
  • Non-existing or limited event-based Business Intelligence
  • Regulatory challenges (Security / Privacy)

So how do you successfully digitise your business processes as part of your digital transformation journey?

By using Optimus, enterprises can easily and successfully implement end-to-end digitization of all their business processes as part of their digital transformation journey.

Optimus ultimately delivers on the promise of the enterprise’s digital transformation strategic goals by eliminating the risks of digitising end-to-end business processes combined with an overall lower investment.

Optimus is the perfect Event Data Lake Platform, delivering on the promise of an open digital world:

  • End-to-end digitization of business processes and the associated Event Data
  • Maximum flexibility achieved through complete configurability
  • Ingests any Event Data from Big Data stores, IoT devices, APIs and other types of Event Data
  • Pre-process Event Data as required for downstream consumption
  • Scalability to handle even the most challenging Event Data volumes
  • Integrated Event Data Lake storage; with governance for structured, semi-structured and even un-structured Event Data
    • Using leading Big Data storage technologies such as Kudu and Aerospike
    • Freely configurable Event Data Lake output formats; write to any external system in any format you require
    • Custom design and definition of the Event Data Lake Big Data model if our default model is not fulfilling your requirements
  • Set of pre-build business process solutions that can be customized (commercial open source) to address your business needs
  • Microservice Architecture; run any business process solutions as microservices

A robust and scalable Event Data Lake Platform that enables you to digitise all of your business processes, providing:

  • Unlimited Data Collection and Event Data Lake storage options
  • Unlimited Business Logic Dynamic Workflow Orchestration leveraging a fully configurable Microservice Architecture
  • A library of configurable business process solutions available and ready to assist you in your development of the digitization of business processes
  • A pre-defined data governance framework to apply your Security & Privacy rules
  • Significantly reduces implementation, operation, maintenance and other costs
  • Provides all tools for configuration, testing and operation

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