Our Customer Engagement solutions allow your enterprise to optimise and digitize your business processes by learning from the Event Data and automate wherever possible to accelerate your digital transformation. Our solutions also enable you to know your customers better through customer behaviour analysis while you discover new patterns and relationships through visual analytics. Now you are able to act positively on your bottom line through automated orchestration of the information to the right system.

Data Portal

The Data Portal helps enterprises drastically reduce the number of hits to the source systems by storing frequently requested data in Cache. It is a middleware unifying the data access for southbound queries, taking away the complexity of data extraction from northbound applications.


The Orchestration solution will let any enterprise digitise their Self-Help portal end-to-end. Transform your business from manual processes, to digital processes, with Optimus


Dunning improves your customer experience. An automated dunning process ensures: improvement in debt collections process and success rate, capability for treating different customer groups appropriately, and collection agents can focus on the most special cases while the rest runs automatically

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