Our Customer Experience solutions allow your enterprise to optimise and digitize your business processes by learning from the Event Data and automate wherever possible to accelerate your digital transformation. Our solutions also enable you to know your customers better through customer behaviour analysis while you discover new patterns and relationships through visual analytics. Now you are able to act positively on your bottom line through automated orchestration of the information to the right system.

Analytical Data Model

Our Analytical Data Model is a combination of Data Collection and Distribution tools, an Event Data Lake Platform and an enterprise data warehouse all-in-one. Our ADM is an accelerator for Business Intelligence/DWH, leveraging big data technology where meaningful, and is the answer to those that are fed up with vendor‘s promises, high investment, long timelines, costly effort, and inadequate results…

Business Logic Controller

The Business Logic Controller will let any enterprise digitise their Self-Help portal end-to-end. Transform your business from manual processes, to digital processes, with Optimus

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