2019 Events Wrap: A year of digital transformation, innovation, powering risk management and success

As we gear up for the heavy 2020 Events schedule, Neural Technologies would like to reflect on what has been a productive year in 2019. Since the appointment of Martin Laesch as our new Chief Technology Officer, the successes achieved have all been significant milestones in Neural Technologies’ evolution and have helped to establish us as one of the leading providers of digital transformation solutions. Such digital transformation enhances and widens our core Risk and Credit Management solutions.

In January, we attended TM Forum Digital Transformation Middle East in Dubai. The event explored the technology and business environment required to take part in 5G commercial opportunities. Its sister event, TM Forum Asia, had focused on 5G technology last year and granted us our second consecutive Catalyst Project award for our 5G Pâtisserie demonstration of “One-Touch” Life Cycle Management, facilitating ease of use and service automation. Speaking at the Middle East Forum, we subsequently discussed the importance of Event Data life cycle management to transform digital integration. There, Neural Technologies also showcased its Optimus Ecosystem, which can assist the enterprise in successfully digitizing its various business processes in the areas of Revenue Management, Digital Integration and Advanced Automation & Analytics.

TM Forum Digital Transformation World was held in spring in Nice, France. Neural Technologies gave a live demonstration of the Digital Twin Catalyst; a data analytics technology that uses TM Forum’s AI Data Model to improve customer experience (CX) by providing operators with customer behavioral insights and new business models based on highly informed outcome predictions. The board of judges recognized the company’s commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation and we are proud to have been awarded the Outstanding Catalyst Innovation Award at this event.

“We are honored to be recognized for outstanding innovation for the third time by TM Forum. Our collaboration in the TM Forum Digital Twins Catalyst project shows that we are a vendor that is both engaged with the industry and passionate about contributing to it,” said Martin Laesch, Chief Technology Officer.

Previously, Neural Technologies has also received a Certificate of Recognition at Globe Telecom’s Annual Information Systems Group Awards and Outstanding Innovation Award for its participation in the aforementioned 5G Pâtisserie Catalyst project. In the new year, we will continue our commitment to developing award-winning technologies and strive for even more landmark achievements.

In June, the company attended the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) Minneapolis Educational Event and, later, presented its industry solutions and developments at the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) Bonn Event as well as RAG Toronto. There, Dr George Bolt, Head of Analytics at Neural Technologies, shared his expert insight, as well as exploring how effective Machine Learning (ML) can aid organizations in managing growing volumes of data to identity profitable opportunities and avoid unknown risks.

TM Forum Digital Transformation North America in September presented the company with another opportunity to showcase the TM Forum award-winning Optimus Ecosystem, this time focusing on Neural Technologies’ Digital Transformation capabilities. Held in Dallas, the event was attended by Kent Lopez, V.P. of Sales in the US, who found the event an extremely valuable insight into the challenges faced by the industry and the solutions being developed to combat them. Contributing to such solutions, the use of the Event Data Lake Platform within Optimus was highlighted as being efficient in handling increasing volumes of big data in our digital age.

“The number of endpoints and devices has increased exponentially, and it will continue to increase,” Kent said. “This causes increased security risks due to the lower security standards for 5G devices,” which are already especially vulnerable due to their network-based nature.

To solve this, operators are developing self-maintaining networks to manage the vast amounts of data that can no longer feasibly be manually managed to ensure its protection. Neural Technologies offers a range of ML and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to facilitate this process and secure 5G networks. Currently, Optimus is reported to be the supreme choice due to this inherent capability and the cost-effective integrated solutions for secure business digitalization and digital transformation. To attend such events where solvable issues are still salient within the market emphasizes the importance of Neural Technologies’ work in the new age of communications, and we are proud that our work has such beneficial potential across a multitude of verticals.

October brought even more successful events for Neural Technologies including RAG Johannesburg and Big Data World Asia where Ang Liang, Chief Commercial Officer and Head System Integration, presented the idea that ‘True Customer 360 requires Digital Transformation for Speed, Scale and Integration.’ Within this, he explained how digital transformation can personalize customer services to enhance their experience by transforming data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Later in October, George Bolt, Head of Analytics, spoke at the CFCA Fall Educational Event. There, he called attention to the rising revenue threats as IoT and 5G technologies become increasingly popular, and the need for enhanced ML approaches to combat this. ML, he advises, is the most reliable solution to this growing challenge, with the Optimus Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance initiative being able to offer high-capacity data processing and full coverage protection.

The recent RAG Utilities Meeting in London also carried similar themes. “If I had to reduce the conference to one sentence,” said Cameron Kent, Marketing Manager, “it would be the repeated focus on the need for Data Insights and the need for good quality data to improve your bottom line.”

Putting focus on the importance of good, insightful data will improve CX among businesses. To know the customer is to be able to predict their behaviors and, ultimately, retain them. This approach would boost the security of the users and the business, providing data protection whilst also managing revenue to avoid losses; the Optimus Ecosystem provides solutions to all these concerns. Seeing that the need for our solutions is still present and ever-growing fuels us to continuously refine our technology to meet the rising demand of users. We are dedicated to attending such events for these reasons; so that we can evaluate the reach of our technologies and monitor potential new issues that emerge within the field to maintain our industry lead.

Heading into 2020, we are already lining up a busy events schedule. Just last week saw us present our Rating & Charging capabilities at RAG Delhi, further exploring how our technologies can be applied and developed. In March, we will be exhibiting at the CCA Mobile Carriers Show to discuss how we can help the US Operators with our Revenue Protection and Digital Transformation portfolios. RAG returns to London in May, while June sees us at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World once again to showcase our award winning technologies and learn from those at the cutting edge of industry. With these events having been confirmed already and many more being continually added to our agenda, we plan to remain present across the telco industry throughout the year.

We are looking forward to announcing more exciting upcoming projects soon!

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